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Trophy Club is the Sacramento's only Members Only Speakeasy.

Hidden in plain sight, the Trophy Club offers creative craft cocktails and an exclusive and discrete environment with a secret entrance. 


As the highest level membership at Flatstick Pub, the Trophy Club will include access to the speakeasy as well as benefits at Flatstick Pub. 


TROPHY CLUB: Full access for member + 3 guests to Trophy Club, the private members only lounge located on the first floor behind the secret door. Valid only at Flatstick Pub Northern, CA locations with Trophy Club



GOLF BENEFITS: Unlimited mini golf for life. Priority tee time reservations for life. Valid at all Flatstick Pub Locations nationally.

DUFFLEBOARD BENEFITS: Unlimited duffleboard games for life. Priority Duffleboard reservations for life. Valid at all Flatstick Pub Locations nationally.

MERCHANDISE BENEFITS: 25% off all Flatstick Merchandise. Valid at all Flatstick Pub Locations nationally.

DRINK BENEFITS: 20 oz. pour upgrades on all 16 oz. pours in Flatstick Pub. Must present card to bartender for benefit* $2 off daily beer special at Flatstick Pub.

PARTY ROOM BENEFITS: Monthly specials for Party Room rentals.


Additional Rules and Regulations: Purchased Trophy Club elite memberships are valid for lifetime benefits. Purchased memberships are limited, are non-transferrable and carry no monetary value after purchase to anyone other than the valid trophy club member. Card must be presented to Flatstick team member to receive any benefit listed above. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Flatstick Pub for replacement cards to be sent via mail or picked up in person.


*Due to Liquor License rules some higher alcohol % beers may not receive 20oz. pours. Please consult your bartender when ordering for upgrade options.


Note: Awarded memberships via loyalty are valid for 1 year with minimum spend of at Flatstick Pub or Trophy Club. Average spend of $40/mo may retain trophy club status status. This does not apply to purchased memberships.


Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


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  • All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable

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